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We deal in the oil and gas markets, everyday. We trade in various types of crude such as light & heavy crude oil from the main producing countries. In refined product segment, we deal with Light Ends/Distillates such as LPG, Naphtha and Gasoline; Middle Distillates such as Gas Oil, Aviation and Jet Fuel, Superior Kerosene and Heavy Bottoms such as LSFO, LSHS and Bitumen (Asphalt) and various Petro-Chemical products. Our capabilities are rooted in oil and gas products.

We are the trusted business partner of world energy players.



Our focus is to maximize the value of our production, supply our refineries under the best market conditions, while we buy and sell products to match supply to demand in the local markets. In addition, we are tasked with managing risks, primarily to limit our exposure to uncertain market fluctuations.

Our team help traders to quickly identify the quality and drilling location of the oil they are buying and selling.


This is where we onboard our expertise and experience in the oil markets, where we have developed monitoring and decision-support tools at the cutting-edge of trading. Our teams enjoy a global view of real-time flows and segment information, around the clock. As a result, we can respond to developments with the agility needed to maximize the value of our own assets and those of our clientele.